Getting Altitude Sickness in Cuzco

Greg Taking Oxygen

If Altitude were a person, that person would be a jerk.

- Greg Carter

I did everything right (Or close enough to it). I didn’t drink. I took it easy and didn’t #powerthrough the fatigue. It didn`t matter. I ended up puking in the shower and taking shots of oxygen from a can.

Oh well.

It´s been gorgeous here. 72 and sunny during the day and a nippy 32 at night. Cuzco is more beautiful than expected with gorgeous monasteries around every corner. It feels comfortable like a ski resort town.

Like all places, you need a good recommendation or a lot of luck to find the non-gringo restaurants. The prices can be less than half and twice as good. We can buy a three-course meal (soup, meat, dessert drink) for $6. Nice. It’s very confusingly called menu and never actually on the menu.

We’ll be traveling to various Sacred Valley sites tomorrow and I’m thrilled to pull out my newly acquired “adventure” gear (aka Time to be that tourist).

If Altitude threw a party, nobody would come because Altitude is a jerk.

- Everyone

I’ll finish off this post with a picture of some delicious Cusco cuisine. (Note: This is what I saw again later)

Delicious first meal - menu

  • Margaret

    Oh, so sorry…in Cuzco I threw up my first meal, while I was still in the restaurant! Oxygen and Diamox, yum!

  • GregCarter13

    Haha…it’s crazy how it hits so quickly. When were you in Cuzco?

  • Margaret

    I think it was April of 2002..went with a good friend and it was a rough for about 24 hours. I was very lucky and we had bought candy from a little boy, and it really helped me (which I found out later is because of all the sugar…see I knew it was good for me!).